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Most websites have an About Me section. This is my version, but it's going to be a bit different from the usual. 


My name? It doesn’t matter. At this point in the world, the only thing that really matters about who I am is: what’s in my head and my heart, and whether my beliefs will worsen or improve the living hell that is Earth of 2024. 


That’s insulting to Hell, actually. If you continue reading, you’ll learn that I believe Hell is a much more beneficial place than Earth circa 2024. 


Since I’m not going to give you an About Me, I figured I’d use this space to lay out the starting premises of this site. These beliefs form the foundation for the rest of my thoughts. 


  1. God is real. 

  2. God is wildly different from how any of our religious books describe God. 

    • Most importantly, God is not ineffable. God is, in fact, very effable, and we need to start trying to understand Him. 

    • More on this later.

  3. The spiritual realm has a management structure in the same way we do, which means God has a boss.

  4. Most of the things in our religious books are wrong. God put them there on purpose. 

  5. Life on other planets is very real.
  6. Global civilizations evolve just like organisms evolve. 

    • Humanity is a primitive society that is currently going through an enormous shift in consciousness to a more mature society. 

  7. In order to help us understand God better and why God did the things He did, we need to start thinking longer-term. 

    • Our society thinks of humanity’s time frame in the 5,000 year ballpark, and we think of our timeline as just that, a line - one continuous trajectory. 

    • In order for us to understand the motivations and reasons for why everything happened the way it did, we need to start thinking more like God. 

    • For example: human civilization’s lifespan has a 35,000 year minimum. Our civilization, like all civilizations, will experience the same stages of growth as a human: Infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, middle age, etc. 

  8. Reincarnation is real. 

    • The logic of the universe doesn’t make sense without it. 

  9. Although there are a huge amount of things in Judaism that are wrong (by design, remember point 3), Judaism is the best we've gotten - so far.

    • Judaism is defined here as the totality of Judaism - dogma (the written texts), Kabbalah, and cultural traditions. 

    • There are many truths that are also found outside of Judaism, but those truths are shared with Judaism. 

    • This is in no way an endorsement of Judaism as it is mostly practiced today. 

      • More on that later.

  10. All of this chaos and evil we’re experiencing is due to free will, and is in fact a necessary pit stop on our civilizational journey of learning how to grapple with free will. 

  11. EVE WAS RIGHT to eat the fucking apple.

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